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Bitcoin to US Dollar Exchange Rate

Weighted average BTC rate 01:56
43251 $
-585.28 $ -1.34 %
Opening exch. rate 26508.9 $
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Maximal rate 26884 $
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Minimal rate 26384.8 $

Bitcoin to rouble exchange rate

Weighted average BTC rate 01:56
3 997 474 r.
-54 095 r. -1.34 %
Opening exch. rate 2 450 085 r.
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Maximal rate 2 484 754 r.
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Minimal rate 2 438 615 r.

Bitcoin Indicators

Opening exchange rate (24 ч)
Weighted average rate
Volume (24 ч)
In circulation now (BTC)
Day change
Last Trade
22 106 654 476$
846 149 314 296$
19 563 669$
-1.34 %

Bitcoin exchange rates

Exchange Pair Price 24h volume Turnover % Last trade Reliability

Bitcoin Calculator

40,027.8600 EUR
18.3419 ETH
1,303.7810 DASH
43,182.4650 USDT
456,621.0046 DOGE
43,201.4650 USD
3 997 473.6750 RUB
583.2604 LTC
141.6690 XMR
1,970.4433 ETC
1,354.0961 ZEC

BTC Exchange Rate Q & A

What is Bitcoin in simple words?
Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin has certain information contained in the block chains. The blocks that form a chain are in strict chronological order. The first exchange of Bitcoin for fiat money took place in September 2009. The emission of the currency is limited to 21 million coins.

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What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

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Bitcoin exchange rate for all time Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, released in 2009. It is a fully decentralized network based on a chain of blocks.

Digital cryptocurrencies are the future of the economy. Bitcoin has already become an official means of payment in two countries: El Salvador and the Central African Republic.

The Bitcoin exchange rate is self-regulating due to changes in supply and demand in the market.

At the beginning of its existence, the BTC to USD exchange rate was $0.33. On November 9, 2021, a new price high was set. The price of one Bitcoin was $67,789.
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All time Bitcoin exchange rate chart By the magnitude of the rate change for the day, week, month and three months, traders analyze the direction in which the BTC rate is moving. Tracking price dynamics is especially relevant for crypto traders who trade on the exchange.

The cost of Bitcoin today can be expressed in various currencies:
  • BTC/USD.
  • BTC/EUR.
  • BTC/RUB.
One should remember that the Bitcoin exchange rate on various exchanges may differ depending on the supply and demand on the exchange.
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Bitcoin price The price of Bitcoin is formed by supply and demand, it changes in real time. Based on the situation on exchanges which work with cryptocurrencies, the price can change every minute. To implement a successful transaction, it is not enough to know the current value of BTC. Tracking the dynamics of changes in the exchange rate of this currency for a long time will help you choose the best time to buy or sell Btc. The graph shows the exchange rate of Bitcoin against the dollar at the time of publication. You can view the schedule online on our website. Follow the Bitcoin rate and news with us.
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