Car giant Nissan is interested in NFT


According to USPTO-licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis in his Twitter account, Nissan has views on NFT, NFT marketplaces, digital wallets, software for mint, trading and storage of NFT.

"Nissan has filed 5 trademark applications for some of its most iconic car models, such as the GTR, SKYLINE and Z," Kondoudis said.

According to the applications of GTR, SKYLINE and Z, Nissan plans to offer electronic data files for NFT authentication containing videos, images, illustrations, tickets, audio, sounds, music and collectible cards.

In April, the Nikkei Asia news agency reported that two Japanese auto giants — Nissan and Toyota — have teamed up to develop virtual products for the metaverse. As part of the cooperation, automakers have created a virtual hub through the VRChat startup with a demonstration of new cars. In the VR hub, Nissan presented its new electric car — Ariya. 

It is reported that visitors were offered to join a virtual round-the-world trip as an advertisement for a new car. Toyota Motor has introduced its own virtual workspace in the style of the metaverse.

Prior to that, interest in the metaverse was expressed by the Korean conglomerate Hyundai, which announced its desire to digitize robotics from Boston Dynamics for virtual reality within the metaverse. 

The head of Hyundai Motor Group, Song Chang, said that the initiative was called "Metamobility". According to him, in the future, users will be able to connect to digital versions of robops for free movement "between the real world and virtual reality.

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