Charles Hoskinson officially severed relations with XRP community

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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson publicly stated that he is severing ties with the XRP community.

According to the conversation obtained from his tweet, Charles seems to have been the main figure behind a bunch of trolls associated with the XRP community.

"I think I've blocked most of the XRP trolls who continue to bother for no reason," he said.

While many support Charles' actions, a well-known XRP supporter, XRPcryptowolf, intervened in the conversation and advised Charles not to create stereotypes for the entire community based on the behavior of a select few. However, Charles seems unperturbed in his position, stating further;

"It's not a few trolls. It was an endless campaign of harassment for several days. I'm done with it. I don't want to have anything to do with XRP anymore. The community has achieved nothing but self-harm.

Earlier, Charles confiscated a Twitter account that had been serving the Ethereum Classic community since 2016, and recently reassigned it to the Ergo community. This account has more than 600 thousand subscribers, which forces the Ethereum Classic protocol to re-create its community.

A number of industry observers weren't thrilled with the events and how things unfolded, and for this reason many may still be coming after Charles in ways he may not have anticipated.

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