Huobi Exchange announced the delisting of 16 tokens


The press service of the Huobi cryptocurrency trading platform made an important statement. It became known that the management of the site decided to exclude 16 cryptocurrencies from the listing at once. It was said that as part of the company's efforts to promote the healthy development of the Huobi blockchain ecosystem, on Friday, December 23, 2022, operations with digital currencies BHD, CNNS, CHAT, COL, FAIR, GTC, HOT, HPT, LET, MTN, MONFTER, RIFI, TOPC, UGAS, XMX and YCC.

According to official data, these virtual tokens will be excluded from the listing at 11:00 Moscow time. Chinese analyst and journalist Colin Wu noted that among them is the HPT cryptocurrency, a token launched by Huobi Mining Pool.

According to the press service, the exception is MTN (Medicalchain), GTC (GAME.COM ), UGAS (Ultrain), FAIR (Fair.Game), MONFTER (Monfter) is an addition to Articles 17 (1), 17 (2) in accordance with the Rules of Token Management on the Huobi trading platform.

Delisting of CHAT (BeeChat), TOPC (Topchain), CNNS (Neural System Crypto Neo-value), HPT (Huobi Pool token), BHD (BitcoinHD), LET (LinkEye token), RIFI (Rikkei Finance), COL (Clash of Lilliput) became an addition to Article 17 (2), and the exclusion from the list of HOT (Hydro Protocol), YCC (Yuan Chain), XMX (XMAX) is an addition to Article 17 (17).

The crypto exchange team drew attention to the fact that deposits for these virtual currencies will no longer be accepted from the moment of publication of the announcement. However, withdrawal services are still available.

Users are advised to close all trading orders for BHD, CNNS, CHAT, COL, FAIR, GTC, HOT, HPT, LET, MTN, MONFTER, RIFI, TOPC, UGAS, XMX and YCC. Any open order will be automatically canceled after exclusion from the list of relevant digital assets in the user account.

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