Mendocino Clone has made a deal with the EMTRI project


Medical marijuana grower Mendocino Clone has partnered with the EMTRI project and Global Compliance Applications to use distributed registry technology. 

This blockchain-based platform will be used to track the supply of cannabis. Each individual plant will have its own certification document. 

"The new system is designed to provide a detailed report on how cannabis plants are transformed into a high-quality product," the organization said in an announcement. 

The first blockchain certificates for marijuana plants will be available starting in February. The Mendocino clone is going to provide medical marijuana growers with EMT tokens that can be exchanged on the decentralized Uniswap exchange or used for trading. 

"We are proud to dominate the legal cannabis sector by being one of the first companies in the U.S. to use advanced technology," explained Scott Zarnes, co-founder of EMTRI Corp. 

It should be noted that Shoppers Drug Mart, a Canadian pharmacy chain, has been using blockchain technology since 2019 to control the supply of medical marijuana.

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