Cryptocurrency Ether: How to Earn ETH Without Investment


Ethereum is considered the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The coin has great potential and is quite attractive to make a profit. The project has a strong team, powerful partnerships and working products, so it’s a sin not to start earning Ether.

How can one earn Ethereum:

  • Step 1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet to store the earned cryptocurrency.
  • Step 2. Choose the type of Ethereum earnings: it is possible to earn Ethereum without investments or with investments.
  • Step 3. Register on the platforms and complete the tasks (if these are Ethereum faucets) or start trading. Purchase and set up equipment in case of mining.
  • Step 4. You have become a happy holder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Let's consider these methods in more detail.

Where to earn ethereum without investment

To earn Ethereum without investments, there are many different services called faucets. Let's consider in more detail.

Free Ethereum: you can earn cryptocurrency on faucets

Ethereum faucets are sites that pay users to visit their platforms and complete simple tasks. A faucet is like a lottery that gives out a certain amount of ETH at fixed intervals. There are many such services, and the mechanism of their work is identical to each other.

Faucets differ in the size of ETH accruals, their frequency and the minimum withdrawal threshold. If a few months ago users had no problems with the withdrawal of earned cryptocurrency from faucets, now the situation has deteriorated significantly. Most large projects cease to exist because of problems with advertisers or nonprofitability.

The most annoying thing is that the balances of users on closed faucets freeze, and all earned cryptocurrency “burns”. Administrators do not even think about returning the accumulated coins. And this situation has also affected bitcoin faucets, since the price of BTC has increased significantly and it is much more profitable for faucet owners to simply sell their BTC on exchanges than to make money on their projects, receiving penny payments from advertisers.

There are faucets that pay their users and allow you to earn Ethereum without investment. You need to ‌distinguish the official website of a faucet from fake services, and therefore read what is written on the page carefully. Some examples of working services are Ethfaucet,, ClaimFreeCoins, AutoFaucet, and EthereumFree.

To set up the earnings of Ethereum, the user does not have to perform complex tasks. You need to enter captcha at certain intervals, confirming the absence of fraud bots in the system, or surf for Ethereum. The most convenient way to work with Ethereum faucets is on your smartphone.

Let's consider the mechanism of the Ethereum faucet using the example of a service mentioned above.

After entering the website, a window with a variety of advertisements will appear, and money is paid for viewing.

In the "Sign Up" tab, type the email and password that you will need to enter the service in the future, then click "Create Account". That's it, the registration is complete!

Now you can earn Ethereum. Every five minutes, the faucet credits 1610 Gwei, which are transferred to the account balance upon pressing the "Claim Now" button.