Parent company Find Satoshi Lab revealed about development of its own crypto project


Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), the parent company of the popular Web3 STEPN game, recently revealed their own crypto project. They confirmed that they plan to unveil a non-fungible token (NFT) generator using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Moreover, they said that several other new products will be announced in the near future.

According to the creators of this project, GNT V3 aims to confirm that users' digital creativity can be linked to a neural network and become part of a decentralised Internet. FSL executives emphasised their close cooperation with MOOAR, the recently established NFT marketplace.

The creators of GNT V3 have promised that it will capture selfies of its users and use them as authentication to produce AI-influenced images. These will be released on the Solana blockchain. FSL representatives said they are working together with Solana Labs to bring this to life.

Jon Rong, co-founder of FSL, said that GNT V3 marks a new period in Web3 where people's individuality has merged with blockchain technology. With GNT, he said, people can create their own unique virtual creations that can be displayed and monetized in the Web3 community.

In March 2023, FSL introduced GNT V1, giving everyone the opportunity to create and sell NFTs on the MOOAR platform. They subsequently developed GNT V2, refining its AI model. 

"We are eager to come up with something new in this era when neural network technology is just being unveiled," said Jerry Huang, another co-founder of FSL.

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