MegaFon released its game in the Roblox metaverse


The Russian mobile operator MegaFon has joined the metaverse industry by releasing a game on the Roblox platform

MegaFon has joined the Roblox metaverse platform to release branded products. 

It is reported that a video game called "MegaRanner" is already available within the virtual world of SuperCity. In total, players can go through a whole series of tests from an ordinary citizen to the mayor of a virtual city.

In a series of tests, players will have to measure the speed of the Internet, stretch a virtual high-speed Internet cable, and assemble the pre-5G logo.

According to Elena Nechaeva, head of digital media channels at MegaFon, many international brands "have already started testing and exploring the possibilities of metaverses through various integration methods."

"Therefore, we were waiting for such a project as SuperCity, where we will visually build the positioning of MegaFon for the audience of mobile games through virtual branded stores and locations," she added.

In the video game industry, however, there are doubts about the prospects of existing products with a bias in the metaverse. For example, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer considers existing metaverse implementations as "cheaply created video games" at all.

Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable metaverse developer, partly agreed with Spencer. He acknowledged that video games are already inherently mini-metaverses. However, Narula believes that metaverses position the idea of combining experience. At the same time, he agrees that metaverses are many times more attractive for sports leagues and fashion brands than for video game developers.

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