The developers of the Xspectar metaverse project added the ability to buy virtual land


XRP, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, has introduced a useful new feature. The developers of the Xspectar metaverse project have allowed users to buy virtual land. Xspectar's creators founded Web3, a product based on XRPL's distributed ledger that offers customers non-fungible tokens (NFT), games and more in a virtual universe.

The xSPECTAR team has posted on Twitter an announcement of an upcoming digital land sale for the metaverse. Participants in the pre-sale will be able to use XRP to purchase virtual territories, as well as take part in various activities such as communication, games and doing business.

The developers behind the project have announced that XRP can be used in a variety of ways, such as buying digital land with credit cards and a native blockchain token called XSPECTAR. The creators believe this will attract more people to the virtual world. They further stated that XRP is already widely used and holds huge potential. Moreover, they stated that XRPL provides a unique opportunity for further growth in the Web3 realm.

Earlier, the XRPL Labs team made it clear that the Hooks V2 test network would be shut down. Its termination was set for May 14 this year. However, all is well as Hooks V3 is running smoothly and Evernode has already completed the transition to it.

The newest version of the XRPL smart contract system, Hooks V3, is currently in beta testing. These hooks are lightweight and efficient pieces of code that are placed in XRPL accounts and allow logic to be run before or after transactions.

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