Russians will be able to pay with cryptocurrency in other jurisdictions

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The bill on the crypto sphere and mining, which is under consideration in the State Duma, states that Russians will be able to use digital currencies as a means of payment.

However, they must perform such operations outside the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. This was announced earlier this week by Anatoly Aksakov, who heads the finance committee in the lower house of parliament.

He also noted that deputies can approve a document on Wednesday, November 2, which will legalize the mining of cryptocurrencies and determine its status.

According to Aksakov, discussions are underway in the State Duma on certain points of the bill. It is quite possible that all disagreements will be resolved this week, and parliamentarians will support the document.

Recall that the bill on the mining industry was previously submitted to the State Duma by the "New People" faction. However, it was rejected due to the lack of a clear mechanism for the taxation of miners and the fight against such crypto mining.

Then another draft law was submitted to the State Duma, taking into account the wishes of the government and the Bank of Russia. There are good chances for its approval, Aksakov stressed.

He also added that digital currencies can also be used when paying for parallel imports.

Recently, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev told reporters that our country cannot do without such a tool in the conditions of sanctions. The central bank was forced to agree with the government's position.

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