The Mississippi State Senate passed the "Right to mining" bill


The Mississippi State Senate has given the go-ahead to a bill called "Right to mining", introduced by Senator Josh Harkins, which is designed to protect the interests of the state's miners.

The proposed legislation aims to protect the privileges of miners based in the state and allows people to manage cryptocurrency mining nodes in their own homes. The move recognises the potential of mining to help stabilise Mississippi's economy and energy system. If the law is ratified by the House of Representatives, it would prohibit any discrimination against miners when it comes to electricity tariffs.

Despite the fact that many US states are taking measures to prevent mining business on the basis of environmental harm, Mississippi legislators want to benefit from the introduction and adoption of bitcoin in their energy networks.

Other states are also beginning to see bitcoin mining as an enterprising business; for example, Republican US Senator Wendy Rogers has proposed amendments to establish bitcoin as an official form of payment in Arizona.

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