Teenager from Washington has become an NFT superstar


Jayden Stipe, better known as Galvani, sold his first work of art for $30,000!

When COVID-19 closed schools, Jayden Stipe decided to play with his latest Christmas gift — the Adobe Suite package.

He used software to create graphics and logos and eventually moved on to creating colorful characters.

When he put one of them up for sale on the Internet as an NFT, he did not expect what would happen next. The art was sold for 30 thousand dollars.

"It was crazy," Jayden said. "My parents were in a panic. My dad said, "This is fake money. You can't get that much."

Only when the money got into the bank account, I thought: "My God, it's a different world," explained Jayden's mother, Tracy Stipe.

And in this world, Jayden is known as Justy.

Now Jayden is drawing more than just digital art. Some projects are so complex that they can take months to complete.

In the last year, he was asked to paint a Ferrari in Miami and a mural in Los Angeles.

"I don't think anyone should call it crypto art. It's just art. People like to take it apart and say it's not real," Galani explained. "It's just a new way for artists to express themselves."

The 16-year-old hopes that one day he will find his niche in art and make a long-term career out of it.

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