Toyota is looking for a development team to implement Web3 in its activities


Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer, is looking for a development team to implement Web3 in its activities. The car manufacturer will support the Web3 hackathon for DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) developers conducted by Astar, creator of smart contracts and decentralised applications (dApp). Those chosen by Toyota will receive $100,000 to create their project. 

According to Sota Watanabe, creator of Astar, during the hackathon they plan to create a trial DAO PoC (Proof-of-Concept) tool for Toyota staff. It is expected to be used when working with Astar developments. 

"With the increase in new ventures and team expansion in recent years," said Watanabe, "Toyota has increased the workload of its bosses; so we settled on DAO as the subject of development - we believe DAO can help us organise tasks within the business efficiently and quickly." 

Toyota is now looking for modern technology that could help them in the future. The hackathon will take place within the Astar metaverse, and participants are expected to use the first-level blockchain from the company to create their products.

Nvidia, the US graphics processor maker, predicts that by 2023 many automotive firms will have introduced metaverses into their activities.

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