US Senator asks to strengthen control over the Zelle translation service


Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts calls on the US consumer credit regulator to strengthen supervision of the Zelle money transfer service.

Warren is pushing for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to force banks to pay more customers defrauded on Zelle.

The Democratic senator's office investigates the Zelle platform, which many large US banks use for peer-to-peer payments between their account holders.

As a result of the proceedings, it was concluded that the regulator "should update and tighten the rules regulating the obligations of banks to pay customers who were deceived on Zelle and other peer-to-peer payment platforms."

In July, Zelle became the subject of a heated dispute between the Senate Banking Committee and the heads of several banks.

In particular, potential fraud was discussed, as banks claimed to make refunds to customers who did not make payments from their accounts. If customers were tricked into sending money, there is no compensation.

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