Hotel by Wassies opened in Singapore


A new establishment has opened in Singapore - Hotel by Wassies. This hotel is decorated in respect to the Crypto Twitter character Wassies and is located at 5 Hong Kong Street. After the announcement of the hotel's opening, prices of non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) from the By Wassies collection jumped more than 20 per cent.

Hotel by Wassies has established itself as a seasonal hotel, which will welcome guests from March to September 2023. Rooms can currently be booked through the most commonly used rental services.

The hotel has 6 floors, 55 rooms; 49 are painted in purple, inspired by the Wassie aesthetic and 6 with designs dedicated to Wassie and Friends, including artwork created in collaboration with other NFT projects.

The creators said the hotel is a new method of making the Wassie brand more visible to the public.

"Hotel by Wassies is an attempt to make cryptoculture a reality," says the Wassies collection's Twitter account. 

Accommodation in a hotel room will cost $129 per night. Wassie NFT holders could receive discounts of up to 20 per cent on room reservations, as well as 69 per cent off drinks at Coffee by Wassies.

The Twitter account inversebrah helped make Wassie (a fictional character) a well-known figure in comics. He became famous for highlighting bad opinions, memes and pranks related to the crypto community.

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