Japanese gaming giant Square Enix develops new blockchain games


In 2023, Square Enix, the Japanese gaming giant, aims to further expand its presence in the crypto-gaming space with new launches.

"Our company creates numerous blockchain games based on the original IP-addresses, and we expect to release new products within the next year.

We assume that this will allow us to take blockchain gaming to a higher level of development," said CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

The head of Square Enix also noted that the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices and other macroeconomic factors have opened up opportunities for decentralized gaming technology. He suggested that if NFTs have been a source of speculation so far, there is now an opportunity to explore new ways to use them. At the same time, he stressed the importance of introducing regulations in Japan to create rules and providing greater transparency in blockchain-based entertainment, which will ultimately help it grow. 

Overall, the global gaming sector seems to strive to implement  innovative solutions, such as metaverses, into its activities.

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