"Sber" will allow Russians to access the CFA platform in the spring of 2023


Sberbank will allow Russians to make transactions with digital financial assets (CFA) on its blockchain platform in March-April 2023. This was announced by the first deputy chairman of the Board of the bank Alexander Vedyakhin at the Fintech conference.

"We need to give individuals the opportunity to enter these platforms now. Sber will provide such an opportunity at the end of the first quarter — at the beginning of the second quarter of 2023. That is, March-April, I think that our individual clients will already enter our CFA platform, come there with liquidity," he said.

Vedyakhin noted that now the company is creating a special scoring for its customers. Since they have to make an investment decision consciously, they need to understand the quality of the issuer in whose digital assets they will invest.

In addition to the admission of individuals to the platform, "Sber" previously announced the release of CFA for gold. It is expected that the new tool will create a fast process of concluding a transaction that is made in the system at the request of an investor using a smart contract without the participation of intermediaries. Owners of digital assets will also be able to transfer them to other users of the platform, which will ensure the secondary turnover of the CFA.

Another initiative in the development of the CFA market in Russia was the resolution of the Central Bank of the country that until July 1, 2023, it is allowed not to disclose information sensitive to sanctions risks about the ultimate beneficiary of the owner of the organization that issues the CFA. In the near future, the regulator will publish information letters and make changes to regulations.

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