Gemini exchange reported a user data leak


Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has reported a leak of user data as a result of a series of phishing attacks. The platform claims that client funds are safe.

"Some Gemini customers have become the targets of phishing campaigns, which, in our opinion, are the result of an incident that occurred at a third-party supplier," the exchange said in a statement.

According to the press release, unknown persons gained access to email addresses and incomplete phone numbers of users. The data on the accounts or internal systems of the platform were not compromised.

Customers were advised to set up two-factor authentication or use hardware keys like Google Titan Key or YubiKey to protect accounts.

The exchange did not disclose the extent of the leak. According to Cointelegraph, the incident affected more than 5.7 million users. A database dump with a similar number of records has already been posted on specialized forums.

Gemini told about the data compromise on December 14, but reports of attacks appeared on the network a few weeks ago. For example, one of the users received a "targeted phishing email" to an email address linked exclusively to the Winklevoss twins platform.

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