American author Robert Kiyosaki has predicted the value of gold will rise to $5,000 by 2025


Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", said that the lack of investor confidence in the US dollar would cause a surge in demand for gold, silver and bitcoin by 2025. According to his expectations, by that time one ounce of gold could be worth up to 5 thousand dollars.

He argued that the US Federal Reserve's decision to print billions of new dollars would lead to a lack of confidence in the US currency and the growing popularity of gold, silver and bitcoin. He also gave a pessimistic forecast regarding economic conditions and warned investors to be careful.

On Twitter (blocked in Russia), Kiyosaki wrote:

"A huge collapse is inevitable. There could be depression. The Fed has no choice but to issue billions of fake money. By 2025, gold will be worth $5,000, silver $500 and bitcoin $500,000 - why? Because the belief in American dollars as fake money will disappear".

On February 10, Robert Kiyosaki predicted that the economic downturn would cause new massive job cuts in Silicon Valley.He noted that major technology corporations have already laid off 144,000 employees in 2022 and he expects another 66,000 to be laid off this year.

He predicted that all markets would soon collapse, including the prices of gold, silver and bitcoins, but he intends to seize the opportunity by buying up these assets when their prices fall significantly.

Kiyosaki predicted a long-term economic downturn for September 2022, but he also mentioned that bear markets present great opportunities for investors to make profitable investments and earn large profits. He confirmed that the dollar would disrupt the current financial system, which would lead to widespread use of cryptocurrencies as they are free from government control.

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