Argentina Flybondi airline will start issuing tickets in the form of NFT

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The Argentine low-cost airline Flybondi has decided to use blockchain technology in its operations, announcing that it will issue tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), expanding the functionality of their use.

The solution developed by Travelx, a blockchain technology company, will allow customers to exchange, transfer and sell tickets by changing user names three days before the flight.

This feature is implemented using the Binance Pay service, which uses the USDC stablecoin in this particular case. According to Travelx, other stablecoins will be added in the future.

The inclusion of Web3 and NFT technologies in such operations will open secondary markets for customers. In addition, the move is expected to create a new phase of combining the travel industry and the world of the new internet3 to provide a much more flexible experience for travelers, creating new sources of revenue and reducing airline transaction costs.

This year, the number of projects using NFT in their activities has increased. In early September, the European Union announced plans to use NFT to protect intellectual property and combat counterfeiting.

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