The Moscow Exchange offered receipts for digital financial assets


The Moscow Exchange, in an effort to obtain the status of an exchange operator of the CFA, sent a bill to the Central Bank on the issue of receipts based on digital assets. Sergey Shvetsov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Moscow Exchange, said at the XIX International Banking Forum that the trading platform had sent an application for the issuance of receipts based on digital financial assets (CFA): 

"We have prepared a project that allows to issue receipts for digital assets, then these receipts are traded as securities. Those who are not ready to open accounts on blockchain, are afraid of custodial risks, will be able to shift this risk to the accounting infrastructure in the usual form ... will be able to issue securities." 

Shevtsov said that the Moscow Exchange is interested in the development of the CFA so that the market can choose blockchain accounting or depository accounting. "If the law is adopted, Russian depositories will be able to accumulate CFA on their blockchain accounts, and give receipts to customers instead. As soon as the client needs the underlying asset, he extinguishes the receipt, and receives the CFA to his account in the blockchain. We have submitted the bill to the Central Bank for it to study. And, of course, there is no way without the Ministry of Finance," Shvetsov explained. 

The head of the Supervisory Board of Moscow Exchange recalled that the platform intends to obtain the status of a CFA exchange operator. Shevtsov added that the Central Bank is easing restrictions on investing in digital financial assets. 

"Then an interesting question arises. The exchange traditionally sells the product through a broker. Whether the CFA needs to be sold through a broker or to build direct distribution already to the final buyer — this remains to be understood. If a broker today largely acts as a consultant, helps a person to form a portfolio, then the challenge is that one part of the portfolio can be formed through a broker, and another — cannot," the chairman of the Supervisory board of Moscow Exchange reasoned. 

Last month, Andrey Burilov, Director of Information Technology and a member of the Board of the Moscow Exchange, announced that the exchange plans to launch a product based on digital financial assets (CFA) this year.

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