Sui Network blockchain project announced statistics before the launch of the main network


After a period of intense work, the leaders of the sensational blockchain project known as the Sui Network announced statistics before the launch of the main network. The protocol stated that overall progress was recorded after effectively completing the second round of tests of their test network.

According to the results, more than seven thousand nodes connected to 41 validators were registered. It was emphasised that a wider network of nodes would make the protocol more decentralised and secure. This scalable protocol is planned for widespread use, and its developers have guaranteed that 36.5 million transactions were successfully registered during the second wave of Testnet trials.

As for the core of the Sui Network, the success of the Aptos protocol is expected. Analysts emphasise its likely stability and scalability.

Several inventors of layer one (L1) and layer two (L2) protocols have stated that they can surpass Ethereum in smart contracting capabilities, and the Sui Network is one such example.

A partnership with the Ankr protocol had been concluded earlier. Sui Network representatives have not yet given a specific launch date for the core network and trading of SUI tokens. However, they noted that the system's tools worked effectively and without problems in the trial network. According to the developers, this should ensure implementation without any complications.

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