Yuga Labs announced the release of TwelveFold tokens on the bitcoin blockchain


Yuga Labs, the company behind the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, has announced the release of TwelveFold tokens on the bitcoin blockchain. The first collection away from Ethereum consists of 300 digital artefacts.

According to Yuga Labs, these artefacts were created internally by their art department using 3D modelling software, algorithm customisation and advanced rendering methods. The use of the Ordinals protocol in the original crypto network made it possible to generate a new kind of NFT. This protocol uses satoshi numbering to embed data into the signature.

Yuga Labs has warned users to have an untampered wallet and an " untouched" bitcoin address if they want to participate in the auction. This is necessary in order to prevent possible incidents in the case of a normal transaction, for example, an erroneous transfer of NFT with other assets. They also remembered that satoshi is the smallest bitcoin unit, equal to 100 million BTC.

"Currently, wallets do not support one-satoshi transactions, so your job is to keep and transmit your signature safely." - Yuga Labs stated with emphasis.

According to their announcement, the auction of their collection will take place this week and bidding can only take place using bitcoin.

It should be noted that more than 100,000 bitcoin-NFTs have been issued since launch at the end of January 2023; by now, that figure has exceeded 200,000.

Litecoin developers have created an analog to the Ordinals protocol, making it possible to issue digital artefacts on the blockchain, as was done with bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency.

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