U.S. Cryptocurrency Ownership Rises to 13% This Year, Investors Seek to Buy on the Fall


As of July 2022, about 13% of American adults already own cryptocurrency. In January 2022, American adults holding cryptocurrencies were down by 10%, according to a recent report from personal finance comparison website

A spokesperson told that in total, the site has collected about 217,497 responses from around the world, of which 10,006 responses were from US residents.

The survey showed that 74% of cryptocurrency holders are American men, 26% are women.

According to data obtained by, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, with 36% of survey participants holding it, 25% holding ETH and also 25% holding DOGE.

James Edwards, Cryptocurrency Specialist at Finder, said,

“We saw huge drops in the price of Bitcoin at the start of May and June which led to declines in crypto ownership in other markets. However, looking at Google Trends the search interest for ‘buy Bitcoin’ in the US was actually up week-on-week when the price was dropping suggesting consumers were hoping to buy the dip.”

He reminded that the cryptocurrency industry is “a hugely volatile industry and you should never invest money you can’t afford to lose. You should also pay attention to the cost of trading to make sure any gains aren’t negated by fees you need to pay as you buy and sell.”

A report published by DappRadar last April showed that, against a challenging backdrop of rising rates and falling stock prices, cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise, with emerging countries showing the highest levels of adoption.

The results of a study conducted by the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange earlier this year showed that countries with higher inflation rates are the fastest to integrate cryptocurrencies into the economy.

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