The XRP registry shows increasing transactions worth from $ 100,000


The analytical company Santiment notes that XRP whales show a three-month maximum of network activity, as the cross-border transfer token continues to maintain low prices.

According to the firm, transactions exceeding $100,000 in the XRP registry suddenly soared to a level not seen since May.

XRP shows noticeable whale activity, as well as high optimism in the last hours of trading on Friday... In addition, sentiment is at its highest level since April.

The Sentiment also added that the phrase "rekt" (the wrong spelling of the word "wrecked"), often used to describe traders who have suffered heavy losses, was used in an avalanche-like manner on social networks when liquidations were rampant in the cryptocurrency markets.

The term rekt is growing rapidly in cryptocurrency, as there were many liquidations of longs by the end of the week. Since many traders have been following an uptrend since the end of June, the fall of bitcoin to $20,800 and the fall of ether to $1,600 caused chaos.

The analytical firm also monitors Dogecoin (DOGE) and its competitor Shiba Inu (SHIB), thanks to which it was found out that the whales DOGE and SHIB were selling at the top of the rally:

Dogecoin and Shibainu experienced a major price correction after Tuesday and Sunday's highs. As it often happens, the whales guessed the ideal moments of profit-taking and the volume of large transactions increased dramatically in each network.

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