A group of unknown hackers attacked the American Red Cross account


A group of unknown hackers attacked the American Red Cross Twitter page in an attempt to promote a fraudulent deal with Ripple cryptocurrency. On 19 February, Brad Garlinhouse, chief executive, posted a message on his profile concerning the airdrop and asked users to click on the link to receive a special reward. The Red Cross confirmed the incident and informed people not to click on the link as it may be part of an illegal scheme.

Strangely enough, this is not the first time that such actions have been noticed through hacked accounts. Earlier in February, Quentin Feres' profile and GOL TV's account had also suffered a similar attack. In September last year, even the Indian Embassy in Oman was hacked, with fraudsters using Ripple for their own gain.

Most often, criminals pretend to be Ripple's allies and offer profitable investments, while in fact this is just another way of cheating. Despite Twitter's attempts to solve the problem, such schemes still continue to appear, so all social media users are advised to be vigilant against these fraudsters.

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