Immutable platform entered into a partnership with Polygon


Immutable and Polygon have entered into a partnership to accelerate the development and adoption of Web3 games. This collaboration aims to provide novice coders with an "entry point into the cryptocurrency market and provide an easy-to-use environment".

Immutable is going to integrate Polygon's zero-disclosure proof technology into the project. It will serve as the basis for a platform aimed at game developers.

According to Robbie Ferguson, president and co-founder of Immutable, "We are creating an Ethereum-centric gaming atmosphere that will make Web3 widespread and provide digital property rights to millions of people around the planet."

Moreover, Ryan Wyatt of Polygon Labs noted that their technology will allow them to focus on creating a high-quality game, rather than wasting resources on building its network.

At the end of the second quarter of 2023, the test network is expected to be launched and there are already interfaces that can be used on zkEVM. MATIC will serve as a 'voting token' and IMX will become the 'main currency for gas payments'.

Ferguson believes that this platform could lead to a situation where "digital property rights in the game are standard" and they will be owned by users rather than large companies. When it became known about the partnership, journalist Colin Wu said that 1.5 million IMX had been transferred to Binance from an address believed to be involved in insider trading. If Wu is right, the user who did this could have earned $750,000 from it.

Immutable introduced a cryptocurrency wallet specially designed for Web3 gamers back in February 2023, at the same time the Passport project, used for profile control and player authentication, was announced.

Do not forget about March, when Polygon launched a domain name service together with Unstoppable Domains.

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