ImmutableX will launch the Immutable Passport project


ImmutableX is preparing to launch several gaming initiatives in the Web3 space by April 2023. These will include an authentication solution, a non-custodial wallet and a player profile. 

After extensive research and development, ImmutableX will launch Immutable Passport in April to make it easier for gamers to join the Web3 platform.

ImmutableX, the latest tool developed by Immutable, is a non-custodial wallet that can authenticate a user's profile, similar to Apple ID or Gamertag on Xbox. The system does not require users to enter passwords, thus avoiding the storage of private keys. In addition, the new development includes a suite of tools, Immutable Passport, to protect the digital wallet against all types of fraud and compatibility with various trading platforms and web games. According to Immutable, the tool will help improve the Web3 gaming experience, as well as expand the user base, while maintaining the highest level of security.

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of ImmutableX, stressed that the new product meets the needs of Web3 game makers and makes it easier for players to log in through email before playing their favourite games.

Since January 2023, the value of the IMX token has increased by almost 100 per cent.

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