The number of ATMs in the world rose to 35 065 units


The total number of ATMs worldwide rose to 35,065. Compared to the beginning of April, when there were 33,389 — less by 5%.

In terms of countries, the US ranks first with 30,014 (84.7%) ATMs. They are followed by Canada with 2,740 (7.6%) and Australia with 463 (1.3%).

In terms of manufacturers, General Bytes has the largest number of ATMs at 10,109 (28.8%), followed by BitAccess (6,913; 19.7%) and Genesis Coin (6,596; 18.8%).

The main bitcoin-ATM operator is Bitcoin Depot with 6,362 devices or 18.2% market share, while Coin Cloud and CoinFlip are in the top three with 4,265 and 4,043 devices respectively, representing 12.2% and 11.5%.

At the beginning of 2022, the rate of device installation began to slow down. Only 94 new ATMs were installed in the six months after January, compared with 4169 in the first half of the year.

Coin Cloud, the bitcoin-ATM operator, filed for bankruptcy in February 2023 and is currently facing claims from around 10,000 creditors with debts ranging from $100m to $500m. West Yorkshire Police and the UK Financial Conduct Authority began investigating illegal bitcoin ATMs based in Leeds in February. London followed suit in March with its own inspections.

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