Atomic Wallet users had their funds stolen


There have been reports that Atomic Wallet users have had their funds stolen. The wallet team said it was doing its best to verify and assess what happened, and promised to provide more information when it was available. Atomic Wallet staff said those affected could email [email protected] for help.

Research company ZachBTX is involved in the investigation. The company is known for tracking stolen assets and assisting hacked projects.

Atomic Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet capable of managing more than 300 coins and tokens, allows users to store, exchange and buy virtual currency without the need for registration or verification. The wallet boasts that no personal information or private keys are stored on its servers and all transactions are decentralised.

Atomic Wallet claims that there are currently more than 5 million users of the wallet. However, some users have suggested that the hack could have been carried out by Atomic Wallet's creators under the guise of hacking. However, there is no evidence for this idea yet.

Last February, Least Authority conducted an extensive security assessment of the wallet, which revealed numerous vulnerabilities in the system's design. It emerged that these vulnerabilities could allow hackers to access users' private keys and passwords and take their funds.

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