Mini Games received $15 million to develop the game Dimensionals


Mino Games has confirmed that it has received $15 million to develop a Web3-enabled collectible game called Dimensionals. The company has previously received recognition for its free games such as Mino Monsters, Cat Game and Dog Game. Well-known industry figures Bing Gordon and Don Mattrick decided to join as consultants to help develop the game.

Mind Games CEO Sasha McKinnon stated that the focus is on Dimensionals, describing it as a unique opportunity that only comes once every ten years.

Standard Crypto was a major contributor to this funding round, with Boost VC, Collab Currency, Earl Grey Capital and Konvoy Ventures also participating.

Mini games has recently attracted the attention of such well-known organisations as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Sybo Games, having raised $10 million at previous stages. This money will be used to speed up the release of their new game.

As McKinnon said:

"Every game we create has a special set of characters. We hope that this funding will help us become a well-known name in the gaming world through our multi-platform and multi-channel approach."

Then she added that Web3 technology allows them to work with the public and create games they would never have thought of just a few years ago. Furthermore, she promised that revenues should go to developers as well as content creators and gamers. Web3 aims to establish a direct link between those who create projects and their fans.

Standard Crypto co-founder Alok Vasudev stated:

"We are entering an era when blockchain technology and digital currencies will stimulate the economy of gaming, providing rewards for all participants."

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