MASK cryptocurrency price soared by 42% in a day


The cost of the virtual currency Mask Network (MASK) has increased again. This cryptocurrency has become more expensive by 41.55% over the past day.

In total, over the past week, asset quotes have added 223.79%. It was trading at a price of $3.59 with a market capitalization of $107.22 million, which allowed it to rise to the 183rd place in the top ranking. Curiously, the volume of transactions over the past 24 hours amounted to $868.3 million.

Many analysts have linked the growing popularity of this cryptocurrency asset to the fact that the famous billionaire and American entrepreneur Elon Musk acquired a controlling stake in the social network Twitter.

The experts also noted that in addition to the Mask Network platform, another project related to the industry of creating non-fungible tokens (NFT) has demonstrated rapid cost growth in recent hours. So, the quotes of the Render Token (RNDR) jumped by 34.88% over the past day. The cryptocurrency was trading at $0.813, with a market offer of $206.33 million. 

This made it possible to settle on the 138th place in the table of ranks. During the week, the digital token has risen in price by a total of 50.4%.

Also, at a distance of seven days, the native token of the marketplace Rarible (RARI) brought a good profit to its own holders. Its value soared by 70.4% during the reporting period. The asset was available for purchase on exchanges at an average price of $3.48. Capitalization, as before, remained at a modest level of $48.62 million.

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