Elon Musk again hinted at the integration of Dogecoin and Twitter


The main enthusiast of the Dogecoin again hinted that the coin will be accepted as a means of payment on the Twitter platform

The great influencer Elon Musk, whose comments traditionally shake the cryptocurrency market, again made it clear to the crypto community that he plans to add support for the Dogecoin as a means of payment on the social platform Twitter, which he finally became the owner of last week after many months of intense negotiations.

Everyone knows that the well-known and often odious American businessman is a long-time fan of Dogecoin, he himself does not hide it. Musk has also made it clear more than once that he will strive to integrate the payment system into Twitter, without excluding the support of cryptocurrencies. We also recall that at the same time, the platform is already conducting internal development of its own crypto wallet.

After Musk became the rightful owner of Twitter, he continues to demonstrate rapid activity on the platform, bringing new orders here. So, one of his first steps was the dismissal of top managers of the social network. On his Twitter account, Musk changed the status to "Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator".

This morning, the @StonksReddit account asked Musk if he was currently working on his own or collaborating with developers on the implementation of the Dogecoin payment solution on the social platform. In response, the businessman posted a smiley face depicting two large eyes. This can be regarded as a hint that he is really considering this issue now.

Meanwhile, the crypto community is already discussing Musk's terse tweet with might and main. As one of the investors commented:

"Wow. Can this be regarded as the first official tweet by @elonmusk on the integration of $DOGE and Twitter? If he does that, it will be a bomb."

Another crypto enthusiast @CroissantEth conducted a whole investigation, collecting various comments and possible intentions of Musk regarding the platform. Apparently, the businessman considered as an option the creation of a social media system based on blockchain, which supports both making payments and sending text messages.

In particular, he mentioned this in a conversation with the head of the FTX crypto exchange, Bankman-Fried, earlier this year. At the same time, Musk mentioned Dogecoin. Then he suggested that a fee of about 0.1 Doge could be charged for one comment or its repost.

In addition, Musk is hatching the idea of a Super App called X (he is the owner of the site ), which would support almost any functionality, from social platforms and micropayments to games and food delivery. There is a similar WeChat app in China now.

In any case, the crypto community is confident that Musk's hints and flirting with the Dogecoin theme will surely continue.

Meanwhile, in the current bear market, the Dogecoin rate continues to show tremendous success. This year, DOGE became one of the most successful key altcoins and turned out to be much more profitable than the main cryptocurrency in the world, bitcoin (BTC). In the last seven days alone, the coin has increased in price by 110%.

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