Meta closes the Novi wallet in pilot stage


Meta shot down the Novi digital wallet even before its full launch. The cryptocurrency market continues to trade in the red; Bitcoin fell by 0.84%, and Ethereum lost 0.76%

The company announced that the Novi cryptocurrency digital wallet will be closed by Facebook's parent company Meta. The company will be closed at the very pilot stage, even before the full launch. This step occurs when prices in the cryptocurrency market are falling to new lows, and the market is in a state of chaos.

Novi customers can withdraw money and deposit it into their bank accounts in the USA and Guatemala. Users can also request a copy of each piece of information from their profile before closing.

Meta said in a statement to Bloomberg that it "has already used the years spent creating opportunities for Meta in general on blockchain and introducing new products such as digital collectibles."

In addition, according to the UK Ministry of Defense, the British Army's Facebook and Twitter accounts were compromised to advertise crypto fraud. It is not known when exactly the accounts were hacked. Both accounts are now working and functioning regularly.

The British Army's YouTube channel and Twitter account have been hijacked by hackers. The account redirected users to a fake NFT mining webpage. The old live broadcasts of celebrities, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, have been replaced by the channel's videos by hackers.

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