On the famous AliExpress trading portal, it is possible to pay with FLOKI memcoins


The creators of memcoin FLOKI have made the announcement that it is now possible to pay with memcoins on the famous AliExpress trading portal. The announcement reads:

"Attention all FLOKI fans! Now you can buy goods with FLOKI on AliExpress!"

The Shopping-io platform has integrated FLOKI payment support so that users can make purchases on the Chinese site. AliExpress, although based in Hangzhou, China, does not provide services in the People's Republic of China - the trading platform Taobao replaces it there.

The Floki Inu project was initiated in response to the great success enjoyed by Dogecoin and the Shiba Inu token. It currently has more than 440,000 users and a market capitalisation of $312 million. Recently, the company has been regularly announcing new partnerships. At the end of May, DWF Labs announced a $5 million partnership with Floki and the purchase of its tokens.

The value of the FLOKI memcoin increased by 10% after its advertisement was shown on China's state-owned TV channel CCTV-5 during the World Table Tennis Championships.

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