Developers released a new update after the Edge wallet hack


The cryptocurrency wallet Edge was hacked, and around 2,000 users had their private keys stolen. The developers found out about the problem and have already released a new update that has improved security.

Confirmation has emerged from the creators of the digital storage that a hacker stole some private keys. This happened on February 20, 2023, when someone reported that his wallet was used for an illegal transaction. As a result, he lost his digital assets. Surprisingly, only bitcoins (BTC) were stolen, while other altcoins remained untouched.

Therefore, the developers concluded that the hacker only had access to one user's private key for his bitcoin wallet. This means that he did not log in with an account, but simply gained access to a secret BTC storage key. On further investigation, they found out what led to this vulnerability.

The developers have noticed that when the options on the 'buy' and 'sell' tabs are changed, this leads to the encryption of a particular wallet's private key to the hard drive. Moreover, when the download log function is applied, this data will be transmitted to all external servers where the private key is also stored. Experts stress that less than 0.01% of Edge users had their secret codes stolen by cybercriminals, and they only managed to get away with a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Edge Wallet is a wallet that does not involve the storage of digital assets and works on a decentralised server infrastructure. It places great attention on security and confidentiality, using a zero-disclosure proof protocol.

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