A school for Bitcoin education will be opened in Switzerland


The mayor of Lugano (Switzerland) announced that a school for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education will be opened in March to mark the first anniversary of the "Bitcoin Revolution". A year ago, Lugano initiated a pilot project to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The initiative, called Plan B, is a local government programme supported by Tether. The programme aims to attract wealthy customers from abroad who value blockchain and digital currencies.

A year after the adoption of Bitcoin in Lugano, hundreds of companies have already started accepting payments in Bitcoin. It is quite intriguing to note that the McDonald's restaurant chain has also started accepting Bitcoin and USDT in its restaurants in the area.

Lugano has become an attractive destination for cryptocurrency enthusiasts because of its ability for people to live without needing fiat currencies. Not long ago, El Salvador and Lugano signed an agreement in which a Bitcoin office owned by El Salvador will be opened in Lugano.

Switzerland was the last country to abandon the gold standard in 1999. The country is famous for its financial security and has an impeccable reputation in this area.

It is reported that the course will focus on blockchain technology and digital currencies in general. Participants will learn about the history of Bitcoin, which is the most widely used cryptocurrency, as well as its practical elements.

The mayor's office is taking a wise step to ensure that students will be well-informed about the global financial system when they graduate from school. Italy has already created an educational programme concerning cryptocurrencies, but it is only available to university students.

The course will teach them the basics of cryptography, blockchain technology, and they will be lectured by well-known people in the Italian crypto industry. It won't be long before other countries introduce similar courses and classes for both high school and college students.

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