Tron creator announced the development of a decentralised payment system based on Blockchain and AI


Justin Sun, creator of Tron, has announced the development of a decentralised payment system based on Blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence) for ChatGPT and OpenAI. This will set new standards in the world of decentralised finance. The combination of AI systems such as ChatGPT and OpenAI will improve the payment process in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The platform includes a smart contract system based on the Tron blockchain, a transaction protocol level, an SDK for base calls and an AI payment gateway. It uses BitTorrent's BTFS to store user requests and AI results through a decentralised file storage system.The payment level protocol responsible for the transactions will facilitate settlement on the Tron blockchain quickly and without difficulty. The interaction level provides users with standard calculations along with the APIs required for artificial intelligence services. TRX and BTT are used for full decentralisation with DAO control respectively.

Justin Sun said the platform would create a secure, reliable payment system, safe from intrusion or censorship. It also wants to implement Just (JST), Sun (SUN), APENFT Marketplace applications to provide clients with greater convenience as well as profit through full compatibility with the Tron blockchain network. By his design, all tokens associated with Tron, as well as its projects, should contain the integration of AI systems into their structure when they are launched.

He did not give any timeframe for when this project would be completed. In December 2022, OpenAI launched the ChatGPT chatbot. Then the following month, January 2023, the creators announced that they would have a paid version of the service.

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