Tron network creators to change the system that determines transaction fees


The creators of the Tron network have proposed changing the system that determines transaction fees by making them variable, following numerous objections from customers about excessive transaction costs.

Last December, corrections to the algorithms used to calculate commission rates led to an increase in energy (ENERGY) from 280 Sun to 420 Sun. Since then, there have been remarkable changes in the translation of stablecoins and tokens. Due to this increased activity, fees have risen sharply and currently stand at 14 TRX ($0.92) per USDC stablecoin transaction.

At the beginning of February, the developers proposed to change the commission structure, which was met with approval, and soon Trust Wallet stopped supporting TRC-20 standard USDT tokens.

It is important to remember that Tron uses two resources to pay fees - energy and bandwidth. The first one is mainly used when transferring USDT stablecoins through smart contracts, while it may use TRX stablecoin to receive it, or some TRX coins will be burned in the transaction process.On the other hand, all transactions require bandwidth, which needs to be replenished periodically. In this case, if you use your TRX coins for steaming, you will be able to transact without any fees.

Earlier, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi also announced its support for TRC-20 standard USDT stablecoins.

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Так я не совсем понял. Почему Trust Wallet перестал поддерживать токены USDT стандарта TRC-20?? Насовсем, или пока TRON не изменит комиссию?
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