Web3 supporter Neil Mohan selected as new YouTube chief


Neil Mohan will become senior vice president of YouTube, replacing Susan Wojitski. Mohan has served as YouTube's chief product officer for more than seven years. Susan Wojitski has served as YouTube's chief executive since 2014, before which she was Google's senior vice president of advertising. It has now been revealed that she is leaving her post.

In his February 2022 blog post, Mohan said that the company is exploring the introduction of Web3, non-interchangeable tokens (NFTs) and metaverses. He noted:

"We believe that technologies such as blockchain and NFT can allow creators to create more substantial connections with their fans."

Mohan noted the potential for NFT to present exclusive media such as images, videos and articles to subscribers. He called it "an exciting prospect for content creators and their subscribers".

YouTube's chief product officer also talked about meta-universes, which can help make watching videos more fulfilling. Mohan noted that the use of metaverse technology is still in its early stages. YouTube will strive to make the games more interactive and lively.

In October 2022, Google, which owns YouTube, launched the Blockchain Node Engine, a cloud-based service designed for Web3 developers to make it easier to deploy nodes. In November, Google Cloud added Solana blockchain to the Blockchain Node Engine, which also deployed a node on the project network. As a reminder, in September, Google began a countdown to the activation of The Merge update on the Ethereum network, and then began displaying wallet balances of the second most important cryptocurrency.

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