Sudoswap launched airdrop on the NFT trading platform


NFT marketplace Sudoswap recently launched SUDO and XMON tokens, distributing them to 0xmon collection holders and initial liquidity providers. OpenZeppelin Governor's control network module works in conjunction with sudoAMM, an automated market maker. 

Token holders are able to vote on changes to commission rates, adding new routers, whitelisting external contracts and introducing new token binding curves. To be able to make proposals through the management module, 300,000 SUDOs must be delegated. 

Proposals with more than 2.4 million SUDOs and a majority of support votes can be executed after three days of voting. 

XMON token holders can demonstrate their willingness to follow sudoAMM rules by locking their tokens for a maximum of one month, in exchange for which they will receive 10,000 SUDO tokens for 1 XMON.

Sudoswap aims to address the inability of other NFT markets to sell tokens instantly by using an automated market maker model in its technology structure. 

Decentralised exchange Uniswap launched its own NFT aggregator last November, which allowed users to trade non-exchangeable tokens from major platforms such as OpenSea, X2Y2, Sudoswap and Looksrare.

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