The largest retailer in the USA and Canada sells goods for ETH, SHIB and DOGE


The American company Best Buy, which occupies 17% of the US and Canadian consumer electronics market and owns a chain of stores, has made the sale of goods for cryptocurrency available. The retailer has entered into a partnership agreement with the BitPay payment system.

Cryptoservice users can purchase Best Buy gift cards for ETH, SHIB, DOGE or "wrapped" Bitcoin, as well as other common cryptocurrencies: LTC, BCH, XRP and stablecoins.

The partnership with BitPay allows the retailer to receive fiat dollars, all digital currency conversion operations pass on the side of the payment system. This solves the problem of cryptocurrency support without the risk of legislative problems.

Best Buy is far from the first electronics supplier to switch to accepting crypto payments. Newegg, a Chinese competitor operating in the US market, has been selling goods for digital currencies for the past year.

The growth of cryptocurrencies in 2021 led to an increase in support for this type of payments by the US retail sector. Americans have become available to buy movie tickets through the AMC network, order food at numerous fast food outlets, purchase luxury goods from brands: Breitling Read, Tag Heuer and Hublot.

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