Only about 50 out of 7,000 Binance employee profiles on LinkedIn are real


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that only about 50 of the 7,000 users claiming to be employees of the exchange on Linkedin are really them.

"I would like LinkedIn to have a feature that allows the company to check people," Zhao said. "There are so many "hey, I’m in charge of listing" scammers on LinkedIn. Be careful."

When representatives of projects wishing to agree on the listing of tokens on the crypto exchange contact the owners of fake profiles of exchange employees "responsible for listing", they send a document containing details of the listing process, as well as the required initial guarantee fee for the "service", by e-mail or Telegram.

As soon as the victim transfers the required amount to the specified address, the fraudster stops the correspondence and blocks the interlocutor.

Legal exchanges, as a rule, do not require a listing fee. They conduct a due diligence procedure — a potential token is checked for security, compliance with requirements, legal framework and overall usefulness of the project, and then schedule a meeting with the issuer of the asset to discuss further actions.

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