XDC and LTC showed good growth rate


The past week in the cryptocurrency market turned out to be quite calm. As of Monday morning, December 26, 2022, only one virtual currency from the top-100 rating by maximum capitalization has increased in value by more than 10%. All other digital assets were not very volatile. The leader of the week was XDC Network (XDC), and Litecoin (LTC) took the second place in this indicator.

The XDC cryptocurrency has gained 10.2% in value over the past week. Its quotes were fixed at $ 0.027, which allowed it to rise to the 82nd line in the list of the best. The capitalization of the digital asset was $333.41 million, and trading volumes over the past 7 days were $14.17 million.

The second line in the profitability rating remained for the well-known Litecoin project. The exchange rate of the LTC coin became 9.65% higher, reaching the value of $68.95. The total amount of coins circulating in circulation was $4.95 billion. Weekly trading volumes were $2.34 billion.

Helium (HNT) also demonstrated a good indicator in terms of profitability, which managed to return to the top 100, where it took 97th place. Its exchange rate rose to $1.9 or 8.2%. The market capitalization of the virtual currency was $257.42 million. The volume of trade transactions for the reporting period — $9.97 million.

As for the flagships of the market, the price of bitcoin (BTC) has hardly changed. The main cryptocurrency was trading at $16,888, which is 0.97% more expensive than a week ago. Ether (ETH) added 3.23% in value over the week and was available for purchase at $1,221.2.

And, here Binance Coin (BNB) has lost a little in price over the reporting period of time. It was sold at $244.1, which is 1.6% lower than the values of a week ago.The Dogecoin meme coin (DOGE) has also fallen in price over the past 7 days. Its quotes were $0.07, losing 2.22%.

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