Coinbase is preparing to add a token to the Alton PYR gaming studio


Coinbase has announced plans to list the token of the new game studio NFT Alton. According to the exchange's roadmap, its customers will soon have the opportunity to trade the Vulcan Forged digital token (PYR) associated with this NFT gaming studio, its trading platform and the decentralized application incubator (DApp).

PYR is its own token for more than 10 games, and the number of its users exceeds the 20,000 mark. At the moment, PYR is trading above the $ 3.50 mark and is among the top 300 crypto assets, but its market capitalization has increased by less than 10%.

Nevertheless, after staying in the $40 range last year and the subsequent stunning drop, these results can be called a real leap. It should be noted that the roadmap of the listing of the world-famous Coinbase company was created to increase the overall transparency of the exchange, as well as reduce the likelihood of so-called advanced transactions.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong added that as long as the tokens meet the exchange's standards, they will strive to list as many assets as possible.

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