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The crypto industry is rapidly developing, therefore new startups appear every day. Unfortunately, not all projects are noteworthy or have any practical significance for crypto enthusiasts. The founders of new companies and services often pursue purely materialistic goals and worry only about their own income. Yet there are exceptions. Yan Krivonosov, Founder of the Crypto Emergency project, is primarily concerned with more global issues. He and his team set themselves the goal of creating a unique project that would be useful for all crypto enthusiasts. During the interview, he told what their service offered and what opportunities became open for users, and also shared his plans for the future.

Tell us more about the concept of the project and what unique things you offer at the crypto market?

We are creating an international platform—an ecosystem that includes a variety of products, such as a crypto social network, a crypto university, a block of questions and answers, a section for helping startups, a separate block with a job search in the crypto industry, where everyone, regardless of what country they are from, can find a job or leave a resume. And this is only a small part of what our ecosystem will include. And the Crypto Emergency platform is absolutely free for the user.

Now, basically, all startups have one goal which is to earn as much as possible. Why did you set a course for such global and socially useful goals as increasing the crypto literacy of the population, helping crypto enthusiasts, uniting people of the same interests, etc.?

Indeed, you are right in that making money is not the principal goal of this project. Our project is more social. The purpose of Crypto Emergency is to unite crypto enthusiasts from all over the world on a single multifunctional platform that will give them all the tools they need to communicate, learn, earn money and create their own content.

You already told us about the project six months ago, when everything was just beginning, and now we are wondering if you have achieved your goals. At what stage is the work now?

Much has changed since our last meeting with you. We have come a long way. The project was released on time, as promised. We add new sections according to the roadmap of the Crypto Emergency platform. Our team of programmers work on it every day. The has platform received an updated design, and new functionality has been added.

What kind of assistance does Crypto Emergency offer to crypto enthusiasts? What useful sections are there in your service?

The first and foremost section of the platform is the block of questions and answers, where each user can ask a question of interest to him or give another user an answer to a question asked earlier. The service works in 60 languages of the world. We have completed and made it convenient for the end user. Now you can ask and answer questions not only by text but also in audio, video, or photo format. After studying the opinions of people, it is not always possible or convenient to describe your problem in a textual version, especially in the crypto industry.

There are also many new sections not included in the initial technical requirements of the project, such as: a social network with extended functionality, a news section with the possibility to comment on news, a private messenger inside the platform for the convenience of interaction between users, and community chats that will be launched soon. In the latter, it will be possible to communicate on various topics within our platform. There is also a convenient personal account where the user can blog.

At the moment, the platform interface is in 9 languages, but the block of questions and the social network, as mentioned earlier, are available in 60 languages.

You did not limit yourself to just rapid help service for crypto enthusiasts, but launched several more products. Of particular interest is your own blockchain. Could you elaborate on this?

The idea of creating our own blockchain came after more and more Russian users were limited by blocking or disabling various crypto services. We ourselves used a third-party blockchain on which a smart contract and CEM tokens were issued. But we could not further develop a smart contract of someone else's blockchain with the risk of complete blocking. And it was decided to create an entire ecosystem based on its own CEM blockchain. It will include:

And there will also be the possibility of issuing smart contracts—tokens and NFTs—based on our blockchain. The Crypto Emergency blockchain will be used in our other projects as well. The policy of our company is aimed primarily at allowing people to use our services, regardless of what country you are from and what language you speak. Also, users may not be afraid of being blocked.

Nowadays, not a single crypto startup can do without launching its own token. Have you launched your coin or are you planning to do so? How will it be connected with the project and what will be its practical value for users?

Our coin is called CEM for Crypto Emergency. It has already been released on our limited supply blockchain, only 187 million. We did not arrange airdrops or other free giveaways since our token economy does not provide for this. Our CEM coin is more of a social coin that will allow holders to take an active part in the project's life. The CEM coin will be also used as gas payment in our blockchain. The fees for transfers in our ecosystem are lower than those of competitors. And the transaction confirmation speed is 3 seconds. CEM holders can become network validators in the future and have the right to vote.

Considering that the scope of your activity covers almost all areas of the crypto industry, the following question naturally arises. What is the reason for such a wide coverage? Why did you decide to occupy all niches, not choose some narrow line of development?

At the moment, there are a huge number of scammers and scams in the crypto industry. When a new user enters the crypto market, most often he loses his money through unscrupulous services or people providing dubious services. Therefore, we decided to create an ecosystem on one platform for ease of use and thereby minimize the risks for people. We and our community will monitor the quality of the service provided by third-party companies on our platform or ordinary users.

Judging by your determination, you have serious plans for the future. How do you see your project in a few years and what results do you want to achieve?

Our goal is to create an international platform that will be known throughout the planet and available in all languages of the world. In a few years, we want our ecosystem to be fully operational with a multi-million audience from all over the world.

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