Etherium is still in the first place among blockchain


Etherium remains the main blockchain of choice for developers of decentralized applications (DApps). Despite a 9.37% decrease in the number of teams creating ETH products, this network remains in first place. Its main competitor, according to the DappRadar report, is Cardano.

As more organizations use blockchain technology for their services, the rate of growth is accelerating, experts note. Programmers are also looking to improve the network, introducing new features, security and bandwidth. Polkadot, Kusama and Cosmos also earned a place in the top five most visible blockchains thanks to a 16%, 12% and 8% increase in developer activity, respectively, with an average of 129 engineers per day per chain. 

Analysts predict further development of Solana and Internet Computer in 2022; SOL has managed an amazing comeback after the losses associated with the FTX collapse, as developer activity has increased by 1,320% and 1,050% per year with 69 teams creating DApps every day on every chain.

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