Fujitsu to launch new platform using blockchain technology


After a year of experimental testing, Fujitsu, a major Japanese corporation, is set to introduce a new platform on June 30 that will use blockchain technology to connect different economies.

The experiment, which used the company's ConnectionChain blockchain technology, was aimed at streamlining cross-border securities settlement in countries such as Japan, China, South Korea and various regions in South-East Asia. Taking into account the results of the experiment, Fujitsu will launch its accelerated Web3 platform on June 30.

A collaboration with the Asian Development Bank based in the Philippines, ConsenSys (a blockchain infrastructure provider), R3 (a digital finance solutions provider) and Soramitsu (a Tokyo-based technology company) began in January 2022. Fujitsu intends to promote blockchain and a decentralised version of the Internet, known as Web3, to connect markets and society.

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