US Securities and Exchange Commission reviews its attitude to digital assets


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reviewing its attitude to digital assets, potentially leading to changes in the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The Commission is striving to provide clear recommendations on how to classify digital assets according to their characteristics and uses. They are also actively engaging with market participants to better understand digital assets and the technology behind them.

The new system includes elements such as the purpose of the asset, the level of decentralisation, and whether it is primarily for investment or maintenance. It is believed that this updated model will help regulators determine which digital assets should be treated as securities and which should not. The change is seen as a step forward, providing greater clarity for both investors and companies currently operating in the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry.

The revised rules are expected to have a significant impact on the digital asset sector, as clearer rules have the potential to encourage wider adoption and innovation. Investors are eagerly awaiting the SEC's decision, which could determine the future of the cryptocurrency space. Market participants hope the new framework will help reduce regulatory ambiguity and create a more conducive atmosphere for development.

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