NFT Enjin platform announced the move to the new Enjin Blockchain main network


NFT platform Enjin has announced that it is moving to a new Enjin Blockchain platform to promote the use of Web3. This system will be different from other blockchain-based smart contracts and will contain features such as NFT mining and transmission included in its main blockchain code.

There will be other notable elements on the blockchain, such as 'Fuel Tanks', which allow developers to support users through transaction fees, and 'Discrete Accounts', which allow users to access projects on the blockchain without having to install special wallet software.

The team announced to the public that Efinity, Polkadot's parachain, has been spun off into a separate core network. This new network is called Efinity Matrixchain and is intended to ease the transition for existing users. 

Witek Radomski, co-founder and chief technology officer of Enjin, said that the creation of Enjin Blockchain was meant to stimulate creativity by making the creation and distribution of NFT easier and more accessible to all.

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